5 Tips to Speed up Your Language Learning Process

SPOILER ALERT: it’s not possible to skip steps in your learning process. However, here you will find some tips that will help you keep the speed of your process at its highest rate. * 1) Make it meaningful. Find a reason to sit down every day to make an effort to improve: visiting fantastic destinations,Continue reading “5 Tips to Speed up Your Language Learning Process”

Argentine people living abroad and language barriers

Para la versión es español, presiona aquí. Argentina is a country with a high rate of immigration, both currently and historically. However, there is also a high number of qualified Argentine professionals living abroad. Where do they live? Why did they leave? What do they do and how? How do they experience life in otherContinue reading “Argentine people living abroad and language barriers”

How fast can I learn Spanish?

There is a constant question I’ve been asked a lot during my seven years of experience as a teacher. That question is “when will I be able to speak this language (good)?”. The goal seems to be more important than the journey. Learners need a more or less precise forecast of the ending of theirContinue reading “How fast can I learn Spanish?”

The benefits of learning a language as an adult

It is well known how important it is for a child to learn a foreign language. It is easy to see that kids learn faster and easier. Plus, the learning improves their problem solving, connects them with their creativity, enhances their career prospects, and helps them build tolerance. But you are not in school anymoreContinue reading “The benefits of learning a language as an adult”

Can I learn Spanish by myself? 3 aspects to consider

We are living in an age of information. It only takes a few seconds of typing to come across a never-ending number of resources claiming they will help you reach your goal: learn Spanish by yourself, in the comfort of your sofa, in a quick and easy way. But is it really possible? The shortestContinue reading “Can I learn Spanish by myself? 3 aspects to consider”

Why does Spanish go so fast? Three key factors + a solution to sharp your ear

Spanish students always have the same complaint: Spanish goes way too fast! This is especially true for speakers of Germanic languages, such as English, Dutch or German. In this article you will find all you need to tackle down this problem: a precise, science-based answer to that question (split in three different key factors) andContinue reading “Why does Spanish go so fast? Three key factors + a solution to sharp your ear”

Worst ideas to learn Spanish (or any other language)

The Internet is full with amazing posts with super practical ideas to learn Spanish (or any other language) the right way. But focusing so much on the good may make us make mistakes without even noticing them. This article is different: here you will find what you should avoid if you want to be fluent.Continue reading “Worst ideas to learn Spanish (or any other language)”

6 Binge-Worthy Netflix Shows to Learn Spanish

Learning a new language is unlocking a whole new world of possibilities: job opportunities, funnier holiday destinations, new groups of friends and, of course, deeper enjoyment of international audiovisual content. The good news is that watching these series in your target language while paying attention can work wonders in speeding up your learning process andContinue reading “6 Binge-Worthy Netflix Shows to Learn Spanish”