Why Understanding?

When I first started to learn English, back in Argentina in my early teenage years, I thought that speaking another language was just memorizing morphological equivalences. Needless to say I was wrong.

Almost fifteen years passed by. I underwent a lot of studies in linguistics, founded my own language school both back there in Buenos Aires and here in Amsterdam, and experienced the cultural shock of moving abroad. After all that, I can finally say that I understand.

From my point of view, UNDERSTANDING is being able to admit you just do not know many things, yet you are open to work for improvement and, most importantly, recognize the fact that your cosmovision and culture are not the only ones.

I see language not as a mere set of words and structures, but as a complete way of thinking and experiencing life. Language is communication, and communication is sharing. Through the languages we know, we can give and get all the important things in life.

In each lesson, besides vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation, I try to pinpoint cultural differences while embracing the uniqueness of each one. With understanding, a new world is crafted. Every language we acquire is indeed a new pair of eyes to travel the universe with, it is another rhythm out hearts can beat along. That is why I am so passionate about teaching.

In conclusion, what is it that I have understood? Learning and teaching languages is an act of love towards humanity.

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